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How to find ways to work on your passion?

You’ve identified your passion. It’s not officially part of your day job. What next?

I’m passionate about sustainability and I don’t get paid to work on it. But I spend a decent chunk of my time working on sustainability-related projects. This week I’ll share two areas I focus on to get to work on my passion. I believe they’re universal, so I hope they will help you pursue your interest.

Find time and ways in paid work

One option is to find projects related to sustainability in your workplace or where you can see the connection.

Secondly, if your organisation uses personal development plans and / or personal development time make sure your passion is incorporated there. If you officially don’t do personal development plans why not create one yourself and run it by your manager. Chances are they’ll appreciate your initiative.

Third way is to start or join a sustainability group at your workplace. I’ve written a post here how to start one.

Find time and ways in leisure time

Try mini-challenges to boost your confidence.

I wanted to share my sustainability passion with others, but I wasn’t confident enough to start a blog for example. I did a mini-challenge where for every day for two weeks I posted something about sustainability on my social media. It often was sharing an article and adding a couple of sentences long comment on it. I found it to be a great way to realise that people appreciated what I was sharing and they often engaged with it. Also, I proved to myself I can rather easily find or generate enough content to post regularly.

Start a side-project.

By building confidence with the mini-challenge and with the other tips I’m sharing I eventually launched this blog. I find doing the blog great as it develops different skills to my day job. Also, it helps to explore ways to work on sustainability that are under your own control and don’t need sign off by your organisation.

Find relevant organisations, businesses and events.

I think it’s a great idea to find relevant organisations, businesses and events. You might want to volunteer for them or reach out to build your network or be inspired by what they do or find a gap in the market. Regarding events you could ask the organisers if you could speak at one of them – see my post here on how to find public speaking opportunities.


I’ve found it especially useful to find small ways to work on sustainability both in and out of my paid work. It helps to develop skills and build a network.

In summary, I believe all of us can find ways to work on their passion. Think of one or two small actions you can take in the next 7 days to make it happen.

What are your top tips to get to work on your passion?

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