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Low impact Christmas

I’ll share a few ways how to lower your impact during Christmas. I’ll be covering the topics of Christmas tree, decorations and shopping.

Christmas tree

When I spend Christmas in Estonia we’re fortunate to choose and cut a tree from our small forest. To maintain a forest you need to regularly cut down trees, so I believe this is better than buying a tree from a Christmas tree farm. I’m aware that not everyone has their own little forest and I’m in the same situation this year. I’m spending Christmas in the UK, so I couldn’t get a tree in the usual way.

You might be aware that I have tiny yard. This year I wanted to buy some evergreen plants for my yard to ensure there’s something lovely to look at all year around. Thus, I decided to buy a real plant in a pot that would look like a Christmas tree and wouldn’t look out of place for the rest of the year.

I bought it from a local garden centre, which had an added bonus of supporting a local business. I initially kept the bush outside and I have now brought it in for Christmas. I’ll put it back outside at the end of the year to ensure it won’t dry out and stays healthy.


As I haven’t spent Christmas in our house in the UK I never bought Christmas decorations for the house. Although this year I’m celebrating the festive season in the UK I still didn’t want to buy any decorations as they add to my carbon footprint plus take a lot of storage room. Thus, I went for a low impact option that is zero waste and plastic free.

I got a bag of cones – I think they’re cedar and pine cones – from my partner’s mum. She picked them from her street and dried them indoors. I then neatly placed the cones in glass vases and jars I already owned. The yards were pickle and sauerkraut jars, once they were empty I took the labels off and I’ve used them as storage containers.

I think it looks festive and was a great way to create some low impact Christmas decorations. Plus after Christmas I can compost the cones and continue reusing the vases and jars.


Finally, continue following the sustainable tips you do during the rest of the year. See my top three sustainability tips here. When I did my Christmas food shopping I carried plenty of reusable bags with me and bought loose when possible.


These were my top tips for a low impact Christmas. I hope you have a lovely festive season. I also wish you lots of inspiration to continue making small sustainable swaps as they add to a bigger positive impact.

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