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I help people work on their personal and professional development. I believe that mentoring is one of the best ways for it.

“I was connected with Agnes through the ICRS Mentorship Programme and we have been speaking (virtually) on a monthly basis. Our mentorship sessions cover a range of topics from career opportunities to goal setting and managing work life balance. I’ve found the sessions to be genuinely thought provoking and helpful. Agnes has an amazing skill to really get to the core of what would be helpful to me, even if it wasn’t the thing that I was originally thinking of. She’s proactive, a wonderful listener and a wise counsel on all of the topics I’ve thrown at her.”

– Sustainability Consulting Professional

Key topics I cover as a mentor:

  • Early career
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership

“I was introduced to Agnes via a mutual connection and she was happy to chat with me from the get go. She managed to answer all of the questions I had, whilst giving me some very practical advice on career steps, as well as some more reflective values based actions. Agnes also offered to introduce me to the people in her network I may like to connect with which was incredibly generous. Overall, Agnes was very approachable and knowledgeable and it was great to chat with her.”  

– Recent BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management graduate; current Community Development professional

Not sure if You should become a Mentor?

Also, if you’re not sure if you should become a Mentor youself I can help you understand the benefits it can bring to you besides being extremly rewards to help another work through questions in a safe space.

I’ve both been a Mentor and Mentee, so I’ve seen the benefits to both sides.


If you want to learn and grow, please get in touch by emailing