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Sustainable household item swaps

Today I’ll share three sustainable household item swaps. I find them to be very easy to implement and they have saved a lot of waste.

First summary in Estonian / Esmalt kokkuvõte eesti keeles.

Täna ma jagan kolm ideed jätkusuutlikuks majapidamiseks.

  • Mikrofiiber lapp akende ja peeglite pesemiseks.
  • Taastäida nõudepesu ja pesupesemise vedelik, selle asemel, et iga kord uus pudel osta.
  • Osta tualettpaber, mis ei ole plastikkuse pakendatud. Ma ei ole kursis, kas Eestis midagi sellist müügil on. Kui on, palun anna teada.

Microfiber cloth for windows

For washing windows and mirrors I use a microfiber cloth. You need to spray some water onto the cloth and it cleans the windows really well. No window cleaning spray needed, which means less plastic bottles, less shopping and less clutter.

Refill washing up and laundry liquid

For quite a few years now I refill my washing up and laundry liquid bottles, rather than buying new ones. I bought the washing up and laundry liquid bottles from the shop that refills them. Once the bottles get empty I rinse them, take them to the shop and get them refilled. It’s cheaper than buying new bottles and it reduces the amount of plastic.

I currently have two bottles of each, so once one bottle is close to getting empty I take the spare empty bottle to the shop for a refill. This way I never have to worry about when specifically the liquid runs out. Also, I believe that having two bottles of each is still a lot better than buying a new one each time.

Toilet paper

My latest swap is around toilet paper. I wasn’t happy with the amount of plastic packaging that comes with buying toilet paper. I used the toilet paper plastic bag as a bin bag (we have a small bin), so it had some use, but it wasn’t good enough. I knew there were some companies that sold toilet paper wrapped in paper, but I hadn’t end up buying any.

After visiting a friend’s house who had bought toilet paper from ‘who gives a crap’ and it seemed like a proper toilet paper indeed I bought some. I’m now probably sorted for the next 6 months as it came as a box of 48. If you live in a tiny house you might want to consider if you have space to store it.

The one I bought is 100% recycled toilet paper. All of the product they sell have no scent – I have to avoid fragrance due to having sensitive skin and I’m sure most people would benefit using less fragranced items.
They also donate some of their profits. The best element is that come with very little plastic – it has a bit of tape to keep the box together.

For more sustainable swap ideas also check out my top three simple tips article.

Do you have any easy sustainable swap suggestions for household items?

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