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Three easy steps to reduce your carbon footprint

Want to reduce your carbon footprint, but not sure how? It can feel rather daunting. Thus, I’ve listed three easy steps to get you going. It should take you 30 minutes and all you need is a device with an internet connection and something to make notes on.

Carbon footprint calculation

Do the WWF Carbon Calculation and detect which of the four areas (Travel, Food, Stuff, Home) has the biggest share towards your carbon footprint. It should take up to 15 minutes.

For me it was travel.

Side note – I recommend taking a screenshot of your results. I also did this exercise two years ago and it’s really interesting to see the change. 

Three ideas to reduce carbon emissions

Come up with three ideas how you could reduce the carbon emissions in that area.

I thought of:

  • Reduce number of flights
  • Start cycling more
  • Use car less (I only use it during the weekends and holidays)

Pick one idea

Pick one of the three ideas.

Think of specific actions how to make that happen. Take 15 minutes to commit to at least 1 action and “schedule it” however works for you.

  • I scheduled some time in my calendar to come up with non-flying holiday ideas. Some ideas I’ll be implementing – have a staycation in the place you live, find a destination you can reach via public transport, find a destination you can reach by driving.


Just remember the main things is to pick an action and do it. Every action counts towards reducing your carbon footprint.

I hope this was helpful.

Let me know which actions you come up with.

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