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Holistic personal development workshop

Join Agnes, an award-winning sustainability leader, for 90 minutes of interactive learning.

About this workshop

The 90-minute virtual workshop covers the physical, mental and intellectual to help you define your personal development path.

I believe movement helps us to connect with our bodies, meditation helps us to be present and finally the thought exercise helps you to decide the next best action for you. 

“Agnes is a fantastic facilitator and coach. I came away from the workshop feeling more focused on not only on achieving my goals but also how to think about what those goals actually are.”

– Administrator

Next session details

WHEN: Please email if you’d like to join the next session

WHERE: Online | Zoom

The session will be delivered by Zoom and is open to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure everyone gets the chance to talk and learn with Agnes and other participants.

“A really productive workshop that is completely free of pressure. It balanced relaxation and productivity really well and made personal development, something often overwhelming, very accessible and inspiring.”

– Recent BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management graduate; current Community Development professional

Workshop details

The workshop is intended for:

  • People interested in a career pivot
  • People wanting to live their best life
  • People early in their career trying to decide on a path

What you need for the workshop:

  • Pen and paper
  • A device (computer if possible) with a webcam and internet connection
  • Optional: download Zoom
  • Wear clothes you’re comfortable doing light exercise in
  • A clear space of 1.5 x 1.5 meters
  • Optional: yoga mat

“The workshop reduced the gap in my mind between my dreams and reality and made taking the first step towards my future goals easy and simple (if a little daunting!). The way we helped with connections and problem-solving felt very hope-giving and positive, and I’m on my way to being the badass I want to become!”

– Sustainability consultant

Workshop outcome:

  • You feel inspired 
  • You feel centred
  • You have taken concrete action towards living your best life 

The workshop combines my learning of movement, meditation and personal development. 

You do NOT need to have done meditation or personal development before, nor do you need to be the kind of person who likes exercise. The workshop is run in English.


With any enquiries please email

Virtual workshop disclaimer:

The content of the workshop is aimed at people aged 18+. Sustainable Estonian takes no responsibility for injury to yourself by taking part of the virtual workshop.


“The workshop was insightful and left me hungry to make a change for a better future. I would highly recommend this workshop if you have an interest in changing your career, moving up the ladder and planning your future.”

Filmmaker looking to the future

“Great workshop for motivating you to create stepping stones towards living your best life.”


“Agnes workshop is relaxing, inclusive, filled with suggestions and gives you a new perspective about where you want to be, how much do you want it and the possible reason you are not getting it.”


“A balance of exercises that left me feeling centred and inspired to tackle some changes in my life. It got me thinking on my feet and offered some clarity as to what I value. A process that could be applied to many aspects of life.”

A media professional seeking change

“Agnes’ workshop was very well organised and extremely effective. Never I thought I’d find such clarity in such a short amount of time! “

– Senior professional

“Exercises to guide reflection and develop a balanced way of thinking of someone’s future and ambitions. A very good workshop to familiarize with one’s own fears and limitations and a safe space to discuss with peers.”

International cooperation for development professional

“Great session for turning your vision into practical next steps.”


“I think everyone should definitely try out a workshop like this at least once, if not occasionally to remind and ask yourself where you are at and where you actually wanna go. You’ll receive practical tips on how to move on with your ideas.”